Monday, November 21, 2016


One of life's worst nightmares is the realization that we are not who we thought we were. The idea that we can run up a staircase as well as run down one is not a real or good one. All too often we look out into the world as we always do, and even it is not as exact as it used to be. Our eyes falter our joints protests and our memories like our hearing slowly fade away.

It is difficult to look at the media in any form, from TV to the Internet, without seeing someone you know who once was famous and now we do not recognize. Recently there was much ado about Dr. Phil McGraw's show where he centered on Shelley Duvall, an actress who made her fame in the late 70's and early 80's in movies such as The Shining, and Popeye. The poor woman has fallen into hard times, but it was only yesterday she did all these movies. My sympathy lies with her. I hope she can somehow make it. But it only adds to the mental fire of aging and mortality that visits upon one. I choose not to go into how despicable using her for the show's content is to me.

There are hints that we don't get immediately, such as the really nice kid who held the door open for me, the fact that we never pass a toilet without first using it, that we don't care anymore what we look like in public, as we wander down a supermarket aisle, taking out time and trying to find the shortest line possible so we don't die on our feet, but home in bed where it is comfortable.

Driving is starting to bother me. It seems that every young person is in a hurry to kill themselves and you too if you get in there way! Speeding while texting, recklessly cutting into long lines waiting to exit, there seems to be a need to control them so they don't kill someone else in their thoughtlessness and inconsiderate driving techniques.

Eating is becoming a chore. These days I eat only half or less than I used to. One piece of meat once was a starter, today it is to be shared. Any day under 72 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold to go out after dark, and by 7:30 PM you consider going to bed.

Getting out of bed used to be easy, swing your feet over the side and sit up! Today, you swing one leg, call it back with difficulty and rest from the experience, summing up the energy and courage to try again so you can get to the bathroom before it is too late, and since you are now vertical, wish to remain that way until at least 7:30 PM.

Remember when you went to the doctor once a year? I do too. Now I go 4 times a year and that does not count sickness. Once all I had was a primary care physician, now: Cardiologist, Surgeon, Optometrist, Radiologist and primary care physician who has retired and now you are breaking in his grandson!


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