Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Even the Museum Lions wore Cubs stuff!
That fellow helped me
Not being a religious man per se, I do from time to time pray and keep the faith.

Recently I took a trip to Chicago for a family wedding. It was to celebrate a nephew’s wedding and a chance for a family reunion. Since I don’t have family aside from my children, my wife’s family fills in very nicely.

As two old people, we find it difficult to travel as much as we did since both of us suffer from foot injuries and our age factors in also. As we left O’Hare Airport in Chicago we decided to take the ‘Blue Line’ subway to our hotel, The Congress Plaza, an ancient queen or shall I say: ‘Dowager’ in the midst of downtown modern skyscrapers. But later about that.

Once we found the train we needed, we entered with our roll-on suitcases and a carry bag amidst the crowded car filled with something special! The atmosphere of the first World Series in 71 years! Fans of all ages were wearing things like hats and shirts and pullovers and even underwear all bearing the logo of the Chicago Cubs. The Cleveland Indians against the beloved Cubs was happening and we were in the middle of the historic event. To reveal this little secret, I had to wait until I left Chicago to write this. I was rooting for Cleveland!!!!

As I struggled over the jam-packed car, tripping over suitcases and feet helping my wife to find a seat and struggling mightily, a young man, dressed in his Cubs regalia offered his seat up to me. Suddenly the person next to him offered her seat, and so I worked my way through to the offered seats. Suddenly the train bolted forward, sending me into the crowds of Cubs fans, where inches from the hard floor my headed wandered when out of nowhere reaching hands were grabbing me and saving me from injury!

Needless to say my indifference to Chicago and the fans that reside thereof; I have changed my allegiance. No longer do I secretly smile when they lose a game in the series, instead, I put on my pout, my heavy heart filled with windy city sorrow, and will along with the faithful, root for the home team.


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