Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Saturday morning as I was leaving a convenience store carrying some breakfast sandwiches I ordered on line, I noticed a jogger running down the road. I usually don’t pay attention to joggers except to avoid hitting them with my car. But this guy was something different that caused me to notice him. On his right hip was a red flashing light. A blinker that warned drivers that he was there on the side of the road, it gave off a strong red flashing light.

Seeing this gentleman running I wondered if it was indeed a sign that he was there, or was it that he was about to make a right-hand turn, or at the least, changing lanes? I never saw such a thing before!

Then there was an incident I witnessed through the miracle of Facebook, and the only thing I could possible call this was a mannequin moment. Someone had a camera and was going through a couple of rooms in a house, and everyone in the rooms were caught in a moment of time, frozen into a position. One was talking on a banana phone, one taking a selfie, one about to pour soda into a glass held by someone else, etc. It seems kind of dumb, especially after you see it for the first-time a while ago.

Everything in life has a life-cycle, from woolen powdered wigs to mannequin poses, overuse of cellphones for instances. Once upon a time on the subways of NYC, people were warned not to look at anyone else riding in the car with you. Strangers in NYC subways are a fickle breed, so don’t look them in the eyes, avoid eye contact. Now the problem is solved! No one looks at anyone anymore, that are buried in their cellphones, on subway cars, restaurants and planes falling from the sky! We just don’t know what the people we are with look like anymore. For instance: Lagossi Funeral Home, the dearly departed is laid out in his personalized pine box with brass handles and opened lid.
Visitor #1: “Poor Jack, he left us so soon!”
Visitor #2: Looking up from his cellphone, “Is that what he looked like!”
Father: “Excuse me Madam, can you tell me where my wife and kids are?”
Wife: “We’re your wife and kids!”
Yes, we stare into those little cellphones for so long are children grow behind our cellphones, not before our very eyes, like they used to.

I hope that the cellphone craze disappears soon, since there is not anything on it that requires my attention 24/7, unless we are slowly becoming mindless.


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