Friday, November 18, 2016


I've been reading in the news with great anger, the protest to the election results. I don't believe that protest should be banned, however these protests seem stupid to me, and the press has done nothing but give it currency when there is none.

The day we went to the polls, what we did in a way is say: OK, the rules are these, this is how we will conduct our election, may the best candidate win. We accepted that the Electoral College would be the final say in the outcome depending on how many electoral votes each state had. Had Hillary won based on Electoral votes and not popular votes, we would all be calm right now and moving on with our lives. There would NOT be any mobs protesting, there would be no crying and wringing of the hands, The East and West Coasts would have had their say as they usually do.

I must ask this question of the left: did you not agree to accept the results when you stepped into the voting booth and pulled the levers of your choice? Did you not watch the TV for the results as the states reported their totals under one column or the other? I'm sure many of you stayed up all night to wait for the final count. No one cared what the popular vote was since it had no real bearing on the results.

The Electoral College was designed to allow smaller states with smaller populations to be able to have an equal voice in the election process of a President of the United States. This concept is used so that the East and West Coast Liberal establishments do not run over the smaller states. These ARE the rules of law.

I ask you? What are you protesting, Trump? Maybe you should re-examine your concerns and realize for far too long, you have taken an elitist attitude toward the working farmers and laborers of the middle of America. You laughed at some many things in the past, that I feel you lost touch with the real problems. The hard facts are that the past 8 years have been ho-hum, the stock market rose but the confidence of the World in respect to our nation fell. We still have the poor and disenfranchised, homeless veterans, the same old political machinery in place which would change nothing in your favor as an ordinary citizen. We put in place the Affordable Care Act, aka ‘Obama Care', and it seems to be getting less affordable, we kept in place all the lobbyist, and many politicians who serve for personal gain and glory, just as Hillary did when she was ‘First Lady of Arkansas, then New York State Senator. Did she like New Yorkers better than Arkansians? Or was New York a strategic stepping stone to the Presidency?

I remember the campaign slogan President Obama used: "Change" and the thing that never happened if anything it revives the same old slogan: "Same old same old."

I liken you to that analogy that Judge Judy uses on her show: "You went to a restaurant, ordered steak, ate it, decided you didn't like it and refused to pay for it." IF YOU VOTED YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THE RESULTS!

You are responsible for Trump's election. YOU put up a candidate that was just as bad as Trump. If you can't wrap you mind around that point, then realize this, the American voters were numerically equal in their rejection of both, plus you did play by the rules.


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