Saturday, April 08, 2017


It seems that writing this blogue and being on Facebook leaves my family in deep and constant panic. It’s like I hold the secret to the end of the world that they told me, and now I must keep it off the blogue and Facebook.

Recently while at my granddaughter’s house as we were waiting for the day of her birthday celebration, the topic arose about the guest list and who they were. The kids coming were children from friends her parents had, children from her gym class and children from her pre-school class. One of the children is the child of the famous Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis, both renowned TV stars. It just so happens they have a child who is my granddaughter’s best friend from pre-school.

“I wonder if the parents will come?” asks TLW (The Little Woman)
“Nah, probably just a nanny will bring her.” Says my daughter-in-law.
“What if they Do come?” I enquire.
“Nah, just a nanny.”
“And if they do?” I counter.
“If they do don’t go asking questions of them” my son looking at me says.
“What about that disaster “HEY DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR?”? I ASKED.
“ESPECIALLY THAT!” says #1 Son.
“Yes, just treat them like ordinary people!” Chimes in TLW.

I think: sure, just like ordinary people who are famous TV stars who make gazillion dollars a day, use a fancy ‘smancy’ outhouse, a home with a map it is so big and a pool with a large yacht in it.

So, the party comes, and the big event, a bunch of little puppies for the celebrants to play with. But as I stand to look at the puppies at the end of my son’s driveway, I see this guy in a baseball cap leading a little girl by the hand. Head down he looks like all the fathers who are present. Then I look a little closer and see who it is: Aston Kutcher! Wow! The guy took the time to take his child somewhere, what a great dad! And he is, doting over her every moment he is there. I think, what a shame, too bad his wife isn’t with him. But then someone points her out.

Standing in the driveway, with a baby strapped to her front is Mila Kunis, chatting away with the mommies like she is indeed, one of them. I’m apologizing to everyone who warned me not to do anything in my mind and saunter up to Mila, standing now next to her. She is dressed like a mom, acts like a mom and is sweeter than pie. No pretense, just a lovely lady talking it up.

I suck up some courage and approach her, and pick my strategy wisely. Smiling at the baby I ask her what his name is. She tells me and I say hello to the little fellow while claiming he looks just like his momma.

“You think so?” she says.
“Oh yes, just like you!” I say.
She tells me that he looks just like her Dad and I ask is he still alive, and the conversation goes along in that vein. As we become ‘besties’ #1 Son is now watching nervously. His face tell it all: What is this old man doing? I told him to stay away from the stars and I hope he doesn’t mention anything that is off limits!” A true son!

As Mila leaves, she reaches out her hand and tells me how much she enjoyed our meeting.

There’s just no trusting me.


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