Sunday, April 02, 2017


We all own some kind of electronic device. There is the desktop computer, the laptop computer, the Kindle, the I-pad, the I-pod and even the I-phone or similar device.

Before 1991, I lived very nicely without any of them, yet today, after all these years I seem to need them. Why, because everyone else owns more than one and they use them to communicate with me, or to distant themselves from communicating with. Reading books on a device is now common, as is sitting in a social circle and not looking at anyone while we delve into our device not talking or even looking up.

Nervous, uncomfortable in social situations, need relief? Go to your I-phone and scroll, look into it, deep into it, lose yourself in emails and the net! Go out of the house and realize I forgot my I-phone? I either panic or go back to the house, and this is just to get the mail!

Now with all the hardware, I am using, a complication has arisen. Passwords! The two words that freeze me up when I see the request. I can't seem to coordinate the passwords. "Go to the Apple store and download our password app, you will never have to worry about passwords again!" This sounds good! I go to the Apple Store and what comes up? "PASSWORD"

Having everything I mentioned except an I-pod, all connected to the cloud, another mystery that eludes me. No matter which device I use, I need passwords, I need to connect to the same things with different devices, all need passwords.


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