Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Simple as that… I don't need stuff anymore! I got enough stuff, you want some stuff?

Being a collector of memories, all the work I ever designed and or wrote, mementos of places I visited and things I did, I saved. Life is a great thing if you can remember some of it, and so over the years, that is what I tried.

Recently I was reading an ad on the back page of the Parade magazine. You might have seen it, small box ads that sell tools and goodies that comprise the official title of; "Stuff", the things we own. Stuff can be books, tapes, and audio cassettes that have long ago been played, but because of new stuff, gets the shelf, or a box and stored. We put all the junk into one carton and label it cleverly: STUFF.

Now you come to the point in your life that you don't need stuff anymore, you don't want any and you can't give it away. All your adult life you promise you will in your retirement go back to it and just sit in your rocker and remember the days gone by, but it is a faulted plan, you just never carved out the time because you are too busy building the memories. More stuff. Besides, when you have a granddaughter like mine, you need all those tomorrows! You don't have time for the stuff, the magical words Grandpa ring loud and clear.

I know I am winding down my life, soon we will find a nice small place to live and give up on the memories, but I was thinking, what if I never sold the house, then I'd have a place to store all my stuff.


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