Friday, May 19, 2017


After some hard work and deep dedication to his future, #2 son, Mike, has made his father proud once again! Like #1 Son, Anthony, he has achieved beyond his original dreams. For the past few years, he has despite the weather and long distances he graduates from Purchase. He’s been on the Honor Roll, and is having his thesis published with the advice of his professors! Not only are they pushing his paper, they are telling him to go to law school!

What does a parent ay to that? How do I measure the pride I have and be humble?

Way back when, as a 3 or 4-year old, Mike displayed a dogged determination based on his honest views and self-assessment of his universe. He wasn’t always easy to live with because he had passion, then as he does now and belief in himself.

Today we will drive up to Purchase, NY and watch a ceremony that will be better than any I ever attended for myself, about what I felt when #1 Son got his sheepskin.

Mamma has all to do with it. She supported his dreams and aspirations and will continue to. I will just let it play out and hope I live long enough to see his name in lights too. If he climbs the peaks of success quickly, as I suspect, then I will die a happy man, and all the glory of his self-sacrifice and devotion to his future will be evident.

GOOD LUCK, MICHAEL, many stupid people had ideas about you that weren’t true, it just pointed out their negative and small biased minds. A good life lesson is to rid yourself of the foul odor from those low-lives and continue on your way, this way you won’t be caught in the quagmire of their pathetic lives and misinformed empty heads.


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