Wednesday, June 14, 2017


A few days ago, I was heading home from the wonderful celebration for my brother-in-law Dr. Kevin Manning's retirement. I drive a nice car, it gets me there and back and saves me money in the process. It is described as pearl in color, but I opt for the color ‘unwashed'. This is not my fault, it is the fault of the birds that live over my car in my driveway and the fact that it gets dirty by itself.

Being how we had to go to Maryland (Hunt Valley) AKA Baltimore, we had to journey through Maryland, Delaware and the dreaded New Jersey. New Jersey is where the Japanese came in the 1930's to study the Kamikaze method of glorious suicide by observing the drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike! They could still learn more!

Back in 2014, coming home from Cape May, New Jersey, as I was tooling down the Garden State Parkway, this blue car came speeding up behind me and tailgated me. I was in the extreme left lane and doing about 70 mph. The car would not back off and I wasn't moving over. He flashed his lights a few times, and nope, I wasn't moving so he tried again. After a few miles of this he decided to go around me and as he did, gave me a dirty look under his blue policeman's cap.

Then once again as I was driving through Maryland, another car came speeding up behind me and tailgating. This time I was once again in the passing lane but in heavy traffic. It took me back to that time in the Garden State. Looking in the rear-view mirror, the moron looked like he was enjoying riding so close, making me madder than I usually am. I WAS NOT BUDGING! Go around me stupid, I'm not changing lanes, there's an 18-wheeler next to me and no room to move. This went on for a while when he finally realized, I would NOT be intimidated by this moron. He decides to pass me, looking at me with his blue hat and unmarked police car.

Once more we go at it, this time in New Jersey, on the famous Kamikaze Boulevard, AKA NJ Turnpike. I drive and sure enough, a white vehicle that looks like a pickup truck speeds up and tailgates me. Once again, I refuse to move, I'm doing the legal speed limit and will not move. I take offense when someone tailgates me and then tells me he is going through, move over. NOT A CHANCE, MORON!

After 5 minutes of weak intimidation, he like the others goes around, and I give him a big smile. As he passes me I can read on the back of the vehicle that is was a police SUV.

I don't understand how these so-called men of the law can put people in danger playing bumper cars. The men in blue need to take a self-check about their power. I truly appreciate their being between me and danger, but please don't endanger me.


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