Saturday, June 17, 2017


June 14, 2017, will be one of the nation's darkest days. Once again, someone took up arms and tried to alter history in his own sick way. This time it comes from the left, many times from the right. Left or right, it is sick, sad and a commentary on our society. A congressman lies in a hospital in critical condition.

In Arlington, Va., early in the morning someone decided to make political changes, choosing to eliminate as many Republicans as possible with a gun! Although Republicans are in turmoil right now on the national political landscape, and people are getting angry on both sides, taking a gun and killing a fellow human being is not the way to change things, especially in a country that has all the mechanisms of making a change. We can't be so singular of mind that we become the only authority of what is right or wrong for this country.

Hours later, in San Francisco, a UPS site became the center of mayhem and murder. What a wonderful way to finish a bad day. Three innocent people were shot, and along with the gunman, died. This news is being overshadowed by the events in Arlington along with the now ongoing investigation of collusion with the Trump campaign team and the Russians.

I don't remember so much turmoil in one day, all of it so dark and sad, so heavy on our collective souls, filled with foreboding and disgust for the American people. What I wouldn't give for some sanity, some reasoning, less excitement by the press in its eagerness to break a story, and more of the sanity of our system of checks and balances, designed to keep us civilized as a nation of reason, and freedom.

But what has come from all this? Has any good come from tragedy? If anything, it unites the country in spite of differences, can come together in protest of the extreme ugliness of a few.

Way back in the 1960's, there was a rash of assassination attempts successfully executed. JFK, RFK, MLK, and so long the years since with the mindless victims in schools and offices until yesterday, I wonder if this is the beginning of a different violence or the ending of a more lucid one?


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