Thursday, June 08, 2017


This has been a very productive week for the World of DelBloggolo! I have seen the removal from the horizon of three despicable individuals that I have detested for a long time. These are people that seemed to think they are privileged to step on others and feel like that have a right to. Usually, I don't hate people, but these three are a case of near-hatred.

There are many reasons to dislike someone's position on matters, but these three boobs defy reason and they need to go away.

Let's start with Scoundrel #1-
 MY pharmacist. This individual is just plain nasty, and I have had run-ins with him and almost climbed the counter once to punch him in the nose. I made a complaint about something, he disagreed with me until I showed the moron proof, which he tried to dismiss when he discovered I was right. From A to X he took on a condescending attitude, that will rile me anyway, from anyone. One of his assistants jumped in to alleviate hostilities that were building as he backed away. Well, the moron is closing his pharmacy, no one likes him, in fact, I might be the kindest of all to dislike him.

 A man I have hated for years. This individual is a host of a show he has on late night TV. The winner is Bill Maher. Recently he used a derogatory term that is vile, nasty, ugly and demeaning to people of color. People are now after his scalp to go away. This is not the first time or the first race or group of people he has disparaged. Years ago, he made some unkind remarks about people with disabilities, in which we spent a portion of our Board of Director's meeting discussing his remarks.  Since then and now other groups were also mistreated by this low-class degenerate. He thinks he can go around with impunity and insult people with his forum like he has the last word. Let us hope we have heard the last word from this dope.

 Kathy Griffith. This is someone who is a bully, using her ability to garner exposure and using it as a bully pulpit to espouse her child-like thinking and calling it a comedy. Make no mistake, this was done as a desperate attempt to revive her pathetic career. I am NOT a fan of President Trump. I dislike his policies and what he stands for, he is out of touch with the mainstream, and frankly, the 38% who do support him are not the mainstream. But to take his head and make it look like it was beheaded, after all the ugliness from Al Qaeda beheading innocent people, goes beyond the pall and makes her look very stupid and petty. Then to cry that the Trump family is bullying her, is just plain hypocritical or perhaps she is just that stupid. Above all, he is the President of the United States, and agree or disagree, we have to get over it and work with each other, not ridicule or embarrass a whole country.


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