Wednesday, September 06, 2017


When I was a young student in elementary school, run by former Fascists from the Nazi regime, often during the course of the school year, we had bomb drills. The old Soviet Union had developed nuclear arms and the ability to target Our Lady of Lourdes and my second-grade class, right down to my desk! That was scary and so they the powers that were-gave us a strategy, get under that desk and cover your head. Even at that tender age, somehow, I wondered if the bomb would bounce off the top of my desk and lay next to me before exploding, separating me from my shorts.

Of course, the whole world back then was bracing for the end, the sound of Russian bombers flying overhead, and once again I hoped they would at least wait until I was in school, since we didn't have any desk at home!

And so, we come to today, a little nutty guy called Kim's Junk Un who runs a small country called North Korea, a place where people go hungry or missing, yet can threaten the World with nuclear devastation. It is not enough to have famine, hurricanes, and ISIS, we have this nut job, Kim's Junk Un, running around like a nut defying the logic of sanity and mankind, testing both bombs and World patience with him.

My mother had advice for people that got teased: "Ignore him, then he will stop!" I don't think that would work in this case. She used to quote Teddy Roosevelt: "Talk softly and carry a big stick!" Mom also said: WAIT, JUST WAIT ‘TILL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!" This sounds like the strategy that she would employ before unleashing a force greater than the bombs, her wooden spoon, and weapon that still runs fear in my heart. Often, when making pasta, I would be stirring the pot with a wooden spoon when suddenly, fear overcomes me, causing me to run uncontrollably covering my head as I head for under the bed!


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