Sunday, March 06, 2016


I can’t help but notice that there is a sweeping change occurring for the first time in American politics. This election year in particular seems to be the culmination of years of pent up anger and frustration for the people. Two very interesting candidates have emerged as contenders to the throne. One is Donald Trump and one is Birney Sanders.

What I find unique about them is they are offering alternatives to the same old same old. I will not say who I think will win this election because I have no idea. It may not be either, because neither may get their parties endorsement.

But they are offering something different for a change. One is saying what a lot of middle-class people feel and are afraid to say and one is saying what a lot of angry poor people want to say.
Either way, it sounds different and in some vicarious way, intriguing.

The Dems and GOP have both had the center stage for years, offering promises and visions, only to find no one party has any real solutions. So we go to the extremism of calling ourselves Conservative or Liberal, making an attempt to define ourselves better.

Here is the thing… and you may disagree with me if you will and please tell me why, but both parties have had their day, everyone is tired of the tired promises and pronouncements we have received, it is time to move on to something else.

Some people are sounding alarms over the candidacy of both men, their radical changes that they offer, but in the end, who’s fault is it anyway. Yours and mine.

We kept electing the main stream candidates and kept being fed empty promises and nothing else, unless you want to count corruption and their being fully exonerated in a court of law, which by the way so many have stated.

So go to the polls if you like, vote for whoever you do vote for and remember history is on your side to change things for the better, if you use it wisely. As for me, I had a long conference with my heart and soul, and my mind moderated it, so I have indeed decided.


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