Tuesday, March 08, 2016


I try to be up to date with modern society. Nothing worst than being left out of something, especially if it is all the rage. However, it can make me rage with fury!

You must be wondering: “What the Hell is HE complaining about now???

Glad you asked.

The cell phone, or is that cellphone???

Recently on the news, there is a picture of a father and son at a baseball ballgame in Florida. The father has his arm stretched out in front of his son’s face, while a loose baseball bat is flying straight to the kids face! The kid is totally unaware of it since he is on his cellphone, oblivious to what is going on around him.  

Notice no one else is holding a cellphone, they are all aware!
I go to a restaurant and I look about. There is a typical American family, seated and waiting for their dinner to come, all five are staring into their cellphones!

I’m in a meeting, and I look around and see some members of the meeting: staring into their cellphones. You wait on line somewhere, you are walking somewhere, and worst of all: driving and some moron is on his cellphone instead of paying attention to the road. On my way up to Troy NY for a meeting last week, I’m in the passing lane, doing about 65 mph and all of a sudden Stupid in the lane next to me decided to pull in front f me, no signal and drive at 40 mph! This of course causes a sudden step on the brakes and a slow down of everyone behind me. I go around him in the express lane, and there is stupid, with his cell phone in his ear!

Maybe I’m just old, maybe it is me, maybe I should have my head examined, but what gives? Is life so uninteresting that we need constant e-stimulation from a cell phone? Text messages are another thing I don’t particularly like. Why text when you can say it more clearly, and even expend your thoughts or hear someone else’s thoughts. Is texting a way to avoid speaking to someone? Is there anything that needs to be texted that is so important anyway, that can’t be said on a phone conversation? Rather than spending time texting, all day long, why not put all that thought together into one phone call. It will save time.


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