Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Her face is so beautiful that it defies description enough to tell, only to see. Her sweet smile captivates me time and again, her laugh is like the chirping of the birds on the first spring like morning, glorious and new.

Her movements are young ones, only beginning to journey across her life, and with it will come grace and dance-like movements so splendid and fluid, that all who know her will dance to her cadence. It will be a happy dance, and dance that carries the soul through the paces of love and laughter.

When I see her, a certain smile creases this old face, and makes it young again, and wishes it could be even younger as it smiles, a smile that reaches down into the heart and fills the chest with pride and joy, it should, she is the joy of living.

As I see her play about, tumbling, climbing, dancing, I feel her youth, a youth that has long ago left me. But I try to see life through her eyes and know that she will always seek new life and places to dance and be free.

Some day I will not be here anymore, I will not dance in my heart when I see her, I will cease the celebration of life, as it will have passed me by, but I will take with me the feeling of great pleasure of having witnessed her beautiful face, her charming dance, and all the love I have for her, and that will sustain me for eternity


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