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I don't like to play politics on this blogue, but I will make exceptions. We are entering a very important time in our history where the Constitution of the United States will be tested and strained to its full capacity. In our electoral process, we have been handed two very questionable candidates for the highest office in the land, the Presidency of the nation. Our selection must be made beyond the political arena and be viewed with the discerning eye of our forefathers when they laid the footprint of the governance of the union.

Both our assumed candidates have flaws as we all know, one, Donald Trump is considered too divisive, inexperienced and flip-flops on his stances, while Hilary Clinton is considered untrustworthy all through her political career. What worries me most about Clinton is the fact that there is always smoke when she is around. Scandal seems to be her partner, and there is no time in her political history when there wasn't a scandal associated with her. Here is a list:

Hillary scandals have always had email issues. That had to do with "privacy." As Secretary of State, she sent emails via a private server working from her New York residence. Doing so, her aides were able to discern which emails to turn over to the State Department, when requested, and which emails not to. Because of the secretive, sensitive nature of some of the emails, this has become one of the many Hillary Clinton scandals.

The next scandal is somewhat tainted, but it does raise questions. Paula Jones worked for Arkansas government when Bill Clinton was governor. Jones alleged Bill Clinton sexually harassed Paula Jones when he was a governor. Filing a suit in 1994 for slightly under a million dollars in damages, the case was settled out of court. In 2015, Paula Jones interviewed with reporters that she believed that Hillary Clinton knew all about the sexual harassment yet did nothing. This she alleges, but you can't take it to the bank.

The Clinton administration was found to have over 700 FBI background reports on their Republicans rivals, and so all sorts of questions were raised. One question was that of the director of the Office of Personnel Security, Craig Livingstone, and how he came to have that high-profile job. As the story goes it was Hillary who pushed for him to get the job as she was close buddies with his mother.

Norman Hsu was a big contributor and fundraiser for the Democrat party during Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign of 2008, being the man collecting contributions to the Democratic Party, from a variety of "sources" both foreign and domestic who went a long way to promoting Hillary's candidacy. It turned out that HSU was a criminal, and more than that a fugitive, who had been scamming people and businesses for many long years.

Vincent Foster, a well-known Arkansas lawyer, was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton and worked closely with Hillary at The Rose Law Firm during the 1970s. Under President Clinton, Foster joined the administration as the deputy White House counsel. Foster suffered from depression and in the July of 1993, he committed suicide in his Virginia Park home with a single gunshot. Most said it was suicide, but many claimed it had to do with Hillary and Bill and some "foul play."

Jorge Cabrera supporter of the Democrat Party in the mid-90s wrote the Clintons a personal check of $20,000. Just a short time later, Cabrera was arrested in a drug bust in Miami and was given 19 years behind bars.

As First Lady, Hillary went on an official visit to Bosnia and met with American troops stationed there. Returning home, she told the press that she had come under sniper fire and could have been killed at the airport when she arrived. Just one week later and Hillary took back those comments claiming she had "made a mistake" in the recounting of what actually happened.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also used a personal email address to conduct official business. It is alleged that she used her personal email to conduct all her official business. She claimed she never sent or received "classified" information but there is no way to verify her statement about this scandal.

In the Spring after Bill Clinton entered the White House, the Travelgate scandal was born, when seven White House employees were fired for questionable accounting practices. It is alleged that Hillary knew all about the seven firings before they actually happened and may have had a part in them.

The Bill and Monica Scandal. Monica Lewinsky worked closely with Bill Clinton at the White House. She was an intern and had an adulterous sexual relationship with Bill. Hillary totally denied that her husband did and said on the record that the whole thing had been a "vast right-wing conspiracy."

When the Clintons left the White House and the incoming Bush administration came in, allegations of "damage, theft, vandalism and pranks" became public. The Clinton's moved from the White House to their New York home allegedly took items from the White House which they shouldn't have, totaling $190,000! The couple ultimately returned the items, but the scandal lives on.

A series of scandals attributed to the Clintons known as Whitewater materialized. They purchased hundreds of acres of land with their personal friends Jim and Susan McDougal along the White River in the Ozarks. The deal failed and many business dealings of some suspicion broke out. Along with the Lewinsky scandal "the first domino" that haunted the Clintons for years to come began.

The Clinton Foundation, set up by Bill after he left the White House was meant to be a nonprofit operation and to deal with issues like global warming and climate change. Allegations at the time of the startup stated that the Clintons used the foundation to forward their own personal agendas. Once again it was alleged that shady dealings and dishonesty prevail, that last to this day.

Back in 2012, four Americans were killed during attacks on a US diplomatic compound in Benghazi, including the then-Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Hillary Clinton's conduct as Secretary of State was brought into question due to her various email accounts and the way she used them. Did the accounts expose important information that helped the enemy?

Hillary Clinton made a tidy profit of $100,000 trading on the cattle futures market back in the 1970's, along with a personal friend at the time who worked for Tyson Foods Inc. According to a 1994 New York Times article, Tyson Foods received $9 million in government loans, deeming the whole sage very unsavory and questionable.

Bill who made a profit for giving 45-minute speeches at various institutions, along with daughter Chelsea, and Hillary Clinton. Chelsea's standard fee in 2014 was around the $65,000 mark, Hillary reported a personal income of $11 million for a total of 51 speeches she gave in just a year!


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