Sunday, July 31, 2016


Every house should have one, a place that helps summarize a family’s existence and depot of memories of days long gone by. In my home we have one such place: The Wall of Frame, it is the story of love and remembrance and the reminder of space still open for pictures, that life goes on.
As I gaze upon the wall, it takes me back to both good times and bad, and the aftermath of both, it is reliving all that is dear to me and my wife. It chronicles graphically the lives of our children and the moments of achievement in their lives.

There were days when I was working, places and events when I directed photo shoots for my companies, days of ancient history, my wife and I having our baby pictures and of course all the good things that happened to our children: milestones and markers of joy.

On the Wall of Frame is a picture of one of my sons, and it is taken during the Christmas season, and during that time my next oldest son lay sick in a hospital, and within a month would pass away. To liven my son’s joy for the season, I was playing old Italian-American songs by Lou Monte: “Its Christmas At Our House”, where we substituted words that related to our family, and it made the kid very happy, taking off his mind the awful realities of life as he was facing them. There is a picture, months afterward, when we were still a little shocked over the death of a child, that with family members we decided to go to Disney World in Florida to wash away some of the tear stains.

There are pictures of my youngest in a tuxedo for his High School Graduation and his First Holy Communion clothes, making for a very handsome young man in both cases. And there is a picture of my daughter, sitting with great expression and looking out into the world with a sophistication of a young adult. There is a new wall devoted to our oldest son's family, one that features my gorgeous daughter-in-law and her equally gorgeous daughter, my granddaughter, Courtney and Darby Shea!

We even have a photo of my two sons with the New York Mets General Manager, Sandy Alderson, on a side street in Chicago outside of Wrigley Field. And we even have celebrities on the wall, but the biggest celebrities are our kids and the beautiful memories of days gone by.
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