Saturday, August 27, 2016


The other day my wife said she was out to lunch and decided to go to Panera’s for a sandwich. As she approached the counter she saw a sign for a lobster roll and decided she wanted one. Then she looked at the price and decided she would have a sandwich and a bowl of soup instead. She denied herself as the adult came out of her.

 So many times in our lives we all do such a thing as want something then turn it down for reasons such as price, calories, or distance. We deny ourselves as the adult comes out of us. I had just relayed to her how I had this hankering for Nathan’s hot dog and went out and had two, with fries. I ran through the checklist of why I shouldn’t have it, and discovered my checklist for having it was better in terms of acceptable reasoning!

As she was telling me her Panera story, I reminded her of the fact that the days we spend on this Earth are passed, and in the end what do we have to remember them by? We personally have spent so many days in the past with sadness, things we wish had never happened. To think I would pass up a chance at a Nathan’s because that is what I think I should do is silly. I reminded her that the lobster roll is only a just reward for her days gone by, days that gave us sadness and despair: a child dying on us and one living in a home because of the way she was born. We weathered the storms of our other two sons and found out along the way that life is not fair. I saw my family shrivel from discord and a whole history is wiped away, except for the memories.

So why would anyone deny themselves a pleasure once-in-a-while? Yesterday is gone, there is no replaying it, but at least remember it in some kind of pleasure filled way.


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