Friday, December 09, 2016


No, not pizza but from the surgeon's knife.

Yes, it wasn't enough that my daughter Ellen needed surgery, that my #1 Son needed surgery, and now we just finished TLW (The Little Woman) with some surgery, I go tomorrow to see the surgeon who will tell me I need some surgery! The only one missing is #2 Son (Thank God) and we would have the Round-Robbin of surgery for 2016!

I remember so long ago when we were all young and there was nothing to think about. Surgery was the last thing on our minds, and now that occupies our thinking. I have spent countless hours in hospitals this year and have covered both the East and West coast in doing so.

Most of the surgery done on us so far have been very important, the broken bones in my daughter's right lower leg, the fibula was snapped somehow and we don't know how.

Then there was the open-heart surgery for #1 son, a triple bypass out in LA.

Today we removed a cyst from TLW's neck or lower jaw.

Tomorrow I go to see my surgeon, he will tell me I need an operation on my carotid artery, that is 90% blocked, and am in danger of a stroke. (By the time you read this I will have been there to see him.) Can I possibly have a better year for my family? I really don't mind my surgery but that of my wife and kids is another story.

Wish me luck, I'm not ready to die yet.


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