Sunday, December 11, 2016


Finally, I have a resolution for my carotid artery after visiting the surgeon. After a test or scan or whatever they call it, the doctor says we need to operate. The artery is 80% block, which is the threshold for operations or inserting a stent. Taking the stent would be too risky, the chances of a stroke are still there, the operation allows them to clear it out and eliminate the possibility of having one.

On January 12th, I will report to Good Samaritan Hospital and they will cut my throat, something that will make many people jealous. According to the good doctor, they make an incision, divert the artery through a shunt so I don't have a stroke and at the same time keep the blood flowing.

Once they cut, there is a chance that my face will be numb on the area of the incision, and perhaps for life, as they will be affecting nerve endings. I can't drive for a week and the scar may not be bad since the neck area heals well. I might even be able to go home after the operation.

So, I can't cry for my mommy, and most importantly; it won't affect my appetite!

There is also the procedures I have to go through, two weeks before the operation I need to call about scheduling pre-testing at the hospital, I need to get medical clearance from my PCP, who will tell me what medications that I take and can't and also my cardiologist needs to know.

If I don't live through it all, I died trying to un-carotid my carotid artery!

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