Sunday, December 25, 2016


Dear Friends,

If Santa Claus were real under my tree these questions I would leave.

Could we send the old men who declare war on each other, instead of the young?
Is there a way to rescue the children of the World from war, hunger, sickness, and fear?
Can we in some way release our obligations to religious sects and instead worship the same God?
Should we not pray for the release of demons that plague those of us who suffer from mental and physical disabilities, giving them back their lives?

Of course, there is no Santa Clause, only self-righteousness of our beliefs in God, the need to bomb each other because of it, to subjugate children to our mindlessness, orphan children when our madness does stop, and our indifference to those who live in homes and institutions, many abandoned by their families, forgotten by society and dying alone.

And the old men who declare war on each other, can we save our young to build the World, not destroy it because the old men have no future, let the old go and fight and preserve the lives of not only the young warriors but their families too.

Merry Christmas, from a dreamer.


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