Thursday, December 22, 2016


Like all good things, it must end. I say goodbye to my little Hollywood starlet, La Principessa, Darby Shea!

The night before I leave is like when I worked and it was Sunday night, dreading that I had to work the next morning. Sleeping was troublesome and suddenly it was morning, I didn't want to get out of the warm bed in a perfect spot, and so that will be the case this time out of Burbank. I will say goodbye like a big boy and not cry or ask for my mommy.

The palm trees and sunny boulevards of Burbank with their fantastic and multiple restaurants will be behind me, gone until I return again.

When I do return, I will see once again a marked change in La Principessa, growth, and awareness, and of course, she will give grandpa new orders to follow. When she says: "NO grandpa!" no it is! "March like this, Grandpa!" march it is!

I will sing a new song that she taught me in the car, or maybe the other, but she is always singing in my heart, where she stays forever.

But there is one other lesson I have learned, and that is that a house is but a place, a home is where two hearts reside, and there will be my TLW (The Little Woman)!

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