Thursday, December 01, 2016


Believe me, I know. Going out to shop in a mall at this time of the year is downright crazy! I entered the mall very early on Monday, that is around 10:00 AM, and there were very few people milling about in either the stores or the walkways. Santa was sitting in the center waiting for the little monsters to arrive and I sailed along for just two stores.

Shopping for me is knowing what I want and where to get it. Get in, buy, get out! When I came out of the first store, there seemed to be a little heavier stream of shoppers, start with the old people who walk like they were born seven years ago with all the time in the world, when actually most of them were born 70-years ago and should really hurry if they want to get home before they croak, myself being one of them.

I only shop for The Little Woman (TLW). I discovered long ago that she is hard enough, the woman after all these years has everything, including me. (Lucky is right!)

Christmas to me is very traditional. I call it Christmas because I don't give a damned about political correctness anymore. Why take away from me what I learned to be my religious holiday? Does MY culture count any less than a Muslim or Jew? I don't advocate changing anyone else's holiday name, leave mine alone!

I hate crowds, long lines, and slow shoppers. I hate when a shopper is ahead of me on line and decides to make a process of paying for the purchases, including counting out pennies like they are doing someone a favor! I know I sound very unfriendly, and that is not the case, but the holidays do bring out anxiety and frustration that inhabits all of us. Being an adult I try to temper it. Having a plan helps me deal with things a little better than otherwise.

Since all the kids grew up, there really is no magic anymore when it comes to Christmas, except for TLW. She is holiday enough for me and I live for that, the seasonal spirit. The tree, music, decorations and even the food without little kids is just not the same.

Hey, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays! I’m staying home.


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