Thursday, August 10, 2017



Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! I just know that Nana and Grandpa must be very proud of you. If I see things correctly, so is someone who came here so many generations ago and settled in Brooklyn with the dream of America in heart, your great grandmother, who without any English or money worked for her family to have the benefits of America. You have given that dream new birth, and I bet you she is all over Heaven, bragging about her great grandson in Italian. What you did make all her hard work and sacrifice worth the while.

Above is a note I sent to my nephew through Facebook. He lives down in Florida and the last time I saw him was many years ago after he had married a very sweet woman who gave him two beautiful children.

One of the reasons I wrote to him was because I am proud of him, he was a great little kid when he was younger, and grew into a tall, handsome young man with a cheerful heart. He seeks to work with the public for their benefit being a member of a rescue team, firefighter and now nurse. How great is that? If you want more, he holds two degrees, one from St. Johns and one from Florida University. His degree in nursing rounds out his degree in education and his work in service to the community.

But I often wonder what grandma Francesca would have thought about all that has come from her starting out without much and parlaying it all into those tremendous accomplishments I see from her great grandchildren, what would she say? Yet there are so many grandparents and great grandparents out there who have passed who must be feeling the same things, great offspring that begot more great offspring and can celebrate their lives.


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