Friday, August 04, 2017


Since Inauguration Day the never-ending turn of unpredictability from the White House has fed the media and a frenzy of hopeful theories are being generated. It seems every time POTUS makes a move, the press theories about if this is a smoking gun, and they will rid the country of POTUS, finally. Each time someone discovers something it makes the rounds of the talking heads. It leaves me wondering if they even have jobs during the commercial breaks.

I don't mind investigative reporting, it is important to the country to have a free press to maintain integrity in the White House, but the free press must have integrity itself. My fear with the press is they may be so hungry for news that they will manufacture something and we will be opening the flood gates of inertia in the White House.

President Nixon gave us Watergate, and the press though great investigative reporting helped him remove himself from office, and the appreciation of a grateful nation goes to the press.

One of the biggest TV culprits is MSNBC, the Morning Joe show and some of the others seem to have the same theme, get TRUMP! Trump does deserve some getting, but we are missing key discussions of North Korea capabilities and what we should be
doing about it, the Russians and their mischief and of course ISIS and the other religious lunatics that saunter about the Middle East, how about some focus there? I understand Scaramucci and Russian lawyers meeting with Trumps son is news, Trump’s dictation for the press in response is news, but round the clock coverage with talking heads about it does not seem like a great way to cover important news.

We have three and a half more years of the Trump administration, are we spending that time creating scenarios of impeachment that hold no water?


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