Saturday, March 10, 2018


I live and die on the computer. I am helping to write a book and also designing what it will look like. All on both my laptop and desktop. The beauty of the cloud is I can write anywhere with my laptop and feed my desktop.

Then something happens without reason. The laptop dies, just like that and suddenly my whole world dies and falls apart. I lose my Facebook account because I don't recall my password, Facebook shuts it down because I tried too many times to sign in to it and then tried to establish another account and tried to re-connect with the old friends I had, and someone must have complained that I was hacked!

So, out I go to spend money on a new computer that I am having trouble liking. It seems to e that the Mac was a great operating system and file management was easy, now in their quest to make it easier, they've made it harder.

Writing has become a passion for me; I like to write as much a possible about all kinds of things to express myself. Things that I wrote years ago I re-read and discover I liked hat I read and can't believe that I wrote it, and that is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling.

Having no laptop for a week was deadly to my sense of peace and relaxation, without it I might as well stay in bed all day. I tried to use my I-pad to some extent, but without the use of a real keyboard, it is not good enough to make me feel comfortable.

This piece is the first thing written on my new laptop and feels strange after a week even the keyboard feels strange. I hope this is the beginning of the continuation I had going and will build on it.


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