Friday, May 25, 2018


Well, I am almost there! My application for a Certificate of Occupancy is near, as I got the final request from the Town of Brookhaven for what will finalize everything.

It looks like a piece of cake, easy-peezie as they say, a walk in the park.

Once I get the piece of paper, I hire a dumpster and park it in my driveway then throw out 47 years of accumulation, junk, used and unused, all in one big steel bin.

It will be difficult making choices as to what goes and what stays. I also should find some room for the Little Woman as well.

The hard part, of course, will be finding somewhere to live that I like. I would like to move out to the east end of the Island to be near my daughter who resides on Shoreham-Wading River. It’s Shoreham on sunny days and Wading River on rainy ones!

I would like to go to a pastoral setting: birds, flowers, and someone else’s trees in the fall. Then I will take out my paints, brushes, and canvas and go to work, maybe write about it, maybe even an ode to life.

 When it snows, I want to stand in the front door and look out as someone shovels me to freedom. If the outside needs sprucing up, I hope they get right to it.

I know this is the last stop. There are no more plans to move along, so I will try to get the best out of it I can so that the memories of those I leave behind will be good ones for them. But home is home, naps and refrigerator tours all-inclusive.

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