Sunday, May 13, 2018


She is a fierce guardian and protector, a teacher and healer, a mender of souls, beautiful and special. She is a mother, someone who worries about our wellbeing and caring only for our happiness. In our minds, she is eternal, long after she is physically gone.

Today is a special day: it is a day well deserved for celebrating mothers and needs to be celebrated all over the World. It is all about love.

Mothers are more than just parents, a mother is someone who does all good things for her children; she is also a sacrifice of self-comfort, just to birth a child. Her calling is unique, monumental and important: she is giving life to a human being and so, perpetrating the continuance of the human race!

She will always be remembered by her children for her love, the times she did without for the sake of her child, the meaningful lessons implanted in their brains. Years later when a mother is gone, she is still heard in the minds and hearts of her children. Her children stay her child forever, even into a ripe old age.

Today’s mothers have it harder in a way, they have to monitor the temptations and aggression of the social media intrusions, bring her child back to reality and teach that child the lessons she learned when there was no such thing as social media. Above all, mothers give love, understanding and compassion, things that we as children inherit and hopefully practice in our own lives.

So, to all you mothers out there, thank you, you are doing God’s work, you are helping keep this world civilized, and maybe someday, the World will get smart and listen to you, and maybe let you run things.



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