Thursday, May 17, 2018


Recently, I had the Town of Brookhaven come to inspect my home because of the addition I built onto it. They came the first time and said I had to install an alarm to prevent a child from going into the pool area and drowning, so the alarm would sound and we could stop the horror from happening. This meant that he had to come back a second time.

In our conversation the first visit, he led me to believe that I needed to install the alarms on the outside gates since that is where these little kids would come from. His words and visible indications to me meant the gates. I also had to install a CO detector and a smoke detector.

Doing all the installations, I invite him back to see what was done. He comes, sees the two detectors and asks where the alarms are, I tell him out on the gates. He says they need to be on the doors inside, leading to the pool areas. He has to come back again.

Out I go and undo the alarms and reinstall them in the house. I call one more time, he comes and everything is cool, we are now ready to sell, we will get the CO needed for the room and be able to sell the house. Well, almost.

Turns out that now they the town will send me a checklist of things they want to finalize everything. It will take 5 to 10 business days to come. I have no hope that I have what they want, no confidence that this part is any smoother than the visits. There must be some obscure piece of paper I will need to satisfy the town and they will have some way to make me nuts.


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