Saturday, September 15, 2018


They say, “Opposites attract”. They mean a man is interested in a woman and they attract, they are both of the opposite sex.

They, whoever ‘They’ are say: “Love is a many splendor thing”

So far, so good, nobody got hurt yet and things move along smoothly.

Then they marry and it all hits the fan. Soon little cracks in the veneer of life and marital bliss start to form. The dash that was in one’s step leading to the altar suddenly becomes a limp as they leave the church.

Many years ago when I started out in the arena of married bliss, I discovered there were some things that were held back from me. Now, these things were not deal breakers, piddle little oddities that although make life interesting can have a long-term influence on whether you sleep with one eye opened. TLW (The Little Woman) likes things such as room temperature warm to hot, I like it cold.

It was a winter night in the wilds of Connecticut and we were guests at a home that provided us with a nice big comfortable bed, except for one thing, it had a two zone heating system.

As we started to sleep I started to feel very hot, so I lowered the temperature in the bed. It wasn’t long after that once again I had to lower the temperature. And yet still a third time I had to lower the temperature in the bed. Meanwhile, TLW was getting agitated, so I thought maybe she was too hot too!

Turns out, she had my control and I had hers!

Finding out saved my life.


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