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Many years ago, before the birth of the nation, before George Washington even, my mother had me baptized. She figured it wise to start the process early, to get me on the right side of all that is good and pure. She gave it her best, and no one will criticize her for her gallant efforts for such a losing cause. But Mom was smart, she got two people involved to reflect some of the blame if I went astray, so she hired after a lot of haggling and money a set of godparents.

Now my Godparents who were terrific, happened to be relatives, people who knew me and to keep peace in the family finally through a third party agreed to be my Godparents. They were my Aunt Mary and my Uncle Johnny. Nice people who could speak Italian, she could cook and he was an excellent mechanic. Aunt Mary was my Grandmother’s niece and Uncle Johnny was her husband. He was cool and I remember one Easter Sunday when I was about five: going to my grandmother’s house for dinner. There at the long kitchen table sat Uncle Johnny, with a trick tie, grabbing me and sitting me on his lap, he began to amuse me with the tie.

And so we come to my beautiful granddaughter, La Principessa (Darby Shea) and he baptism and the subject of this blogue, her Godparents.

Larissa, La Principessa and TLC
There is a lovely lady by the name of Larissa, Larissa is beautiful, very smart and a wonderful example for what I would hope La Principessa will become. She is a gifted conversationalist, and feels like family, what more can you ask for? Larissa happens to be TLC (The Lovely Courtney)’s best friend, and that speaks volumes for both gals! She was the bridesmaid and attended TLC’s graduation, cheering her best friend on all the way. What a lovely gal.
The Holland Family
Then there is Patrick, a fellow I know from the early 90’s worked with me as a cub writer and he and I worked on a project together for his first job. It was a great experience and I laughed most of the time because he made me laugh. A very kind individual, he has been supportive of #1 Son (Anthony) since #1 Son's internship where they met and good friend and from what I see on the pages of Facebook, one great Dad, a guy who has two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife. The owner of a toy store you may want to check out if you need a gift for a child that is different and can be ordered on the Internet.

Address: 1231 Taft Hwy, Signal Mountain, TN 37377
Hours: Open today · 10:00 am – 6:00 pm




  • Thanks for the kind words, Joe! It was a lovely weekend, and I'm honored to be one-half of Darby Shea's Godparents. I was also fortunate to have you assigned on my first project those many years ago. Although I'm sure me keeping you laughing had more to do with the fact that you quickly realized I had no clue what I was doing. (Other than enjoying the free soda.)

    By Anonymous Patrick Holland, at 9:59 PM  

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