Monday, September 22, 2014


And spend some time with him being a nut. I am getting together with my old classmate, best man and godfather of one of my children for a few days in Cape May N.J. with his wife Linda and TLW (The Little Woman). We will probably share the same old stories over again, have some laughs and enjoy a beautiful week at the cape.

Phil and I go back 50 years in January. We have kept in touch with each other and will continue to I hope, because he is a true friend, generous, faithful and always there when I need him. I have tried to do the same by him, and know I didn’t have a brother because it would have been hard on my brother when my best friend is closer.

We have both shared heartache, both losing a child, and when I lost mine, there he was, next to me, giving me courage. When I went to the funeral parlor that cold January day so long ago, I paused at the entrance and looking out, saw him in his car, I felt a little better.

When I got married, Phil was my best man. He is Jewish, and although I don’t care to know how devout he is, he is fun even in ceremonial occasions like my wedding and the rites of the Catholic Church. It seems that he was on the altar when the priest decided t give out communion, came to Phil who was so shocked by the priest his jaw dropped, and you guessed it, the priest delivered one wafer between his palette and tongue.

Many a day I would go to class and find this fellow sitting near by and one day he comes over and introduces himself, and it was the beginning of the best days of my life, for fifty years!

So we are thinking of a 50-year celebration. Something special to commemorate the occasion and mark such a long a faithful friendship, a cruise seems to be the thing, and in February no less.

Good for us!



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