Tuesday, September 02, 2014


As you may know, #1 Son, Anthony works for a popular TV show called the Big Bang Theory. As a writer he along with his fellow writers create the lines for what is one of the greatest hits of all time. It is my belief that it will be rated along with Lucy and the Honeymooners as a show that will always be replayed and enjoyed for generations to come.

As evidence of how good a show it is, it gets nominated every year for an Emmy and has already won one for it’s writing as has the show won many singular Emmy’s (see Jim Parson) for performances and other things.

Now if you or I go to see an Emmy award presentation, you and I would be looking for the stars of TV, the people we see on the screen in our living rooms. Not so with my son! No, he looks for the writers and creators of the shows, the people who are basically behind the scenes but their work, through good acting shines through.

In my opinion, good comedy writing depends on the characters that are developed and consistency with the character’s personality. It is like music and dancing, the dance is created after the music is written and gets interpreted by the gracefulness and talent of the dancer’s portrayal of the music.

At the last Emmy Awards, #1 Son along with TLC (The Lovely Courtney) parent’s of La Principessa met with Vince Gilligan the genius behind Breaking Bad, a show that has me sucked in so bad I have recorded all the shows to be able to watch them after all the hoopla I heard. It is very compelling, so much so that you want to sometimes turn away but can’t.
La Principessa!

Recently I emailed #1 Son about how much I enjoy the show, and he emailed me back with this:

Oh, I'm glad you like it! I was hesitant to recommend it to you because it does get very dark and violent, but it's a really fascinating look at humanity -- and the dangers of drugs, greed, etc.  I think Bryan Cranston (Walter White) is truly incredible in it. And all the other actors are great, too.  I am a huge fan of the creator and head writer of the show, Vince Gilligan. In fact, Courtney and I sought him out after the Emmy's last night and spoke to him for over 10 minutes. He was extremely gracious and humble and just a genuinely sweet guy. I have heard nothing but good things about him, and he confirmed it all when he spent half the conversation telling me what a big fan of Big Bang Theory he is.  I'm attaching the picture of me and Courtney with him.”
TLC (Courtney Hyde) Vince Gilligan and #1 Son (Anthony)

I think Mr. Gilligan has done the world of insulated America a real service, showing you what happens in that world of drugs, and why it happens. But it also shows how ordinary people can become abducted to the drug culture for reasons beyond their control, good people otherwise who face the demons of the abduction. It tells of horrific things and events that must happen daily to these otherwise decent people. I guess we have to start evaluating the truths, not judge the victims but learn and perhaps in someway help fight the demons and free those abducted.

Thank you Mr. Gilligan for showing me the truth, maybe I will learn something that is important and worthwhile.



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