Tuesday, September 16, 2014


You have all read about Ray Rice turning his then fiancé into a punching bag. The man played for the Baltimore Ravens, a professional football team that partakes because of the nature of the sport in violent play.

The woman he hit, who he later married had happened by chance to walk into his fist, sending her a message that said he was an animal and sending her body violently against the rail of an elevator, to reinforce his message.

We know he is an animal, no one should have any respect for men who hit women, they are not men, but scum, and scum is always avoided. But he is not the issue.

It has always amazed me how women, after they are beaten and sometimes savagely, would even associate with the animal. How do they crunch the numbers and say to themselves: “Yes, he is worth a beating or two every now and then.”

Having grown up with 4 sisters, being married, being a son, and uncle of nieces, I can’t imagine anyone of them being hit by a man, without my coming by with a baseball bat to crack a skull or two. I know women who have had things like that happen, and you wonder how that could conceivably happen to that person. Did she suddenly grow into a large behemoth? He needed to protect himself from her? I don’t care if she cheated, stole and or killed, you don’t hit a woman.

I think that with all the publicity, that little boys will learn early on just how despicable hitting a woman is. That kind of violence is learned, someone showed Ray Rice how to do it, and his wife too, learned from someone else’s misfortune how to take it and move on with him. Having the NFL throw him out for life is the only lesson they can teach Ray Rice, and the little boys, all who adore men like him will better understand, DON’T HIT ANYBODY!

I guess the man’s station in life may have an effect on the women’s thinking that it is OK since it is coming from HIM, a public figure, maybe a another football player, a politician or minister, perhaps a cop.

I hope they run the reactions of people to Ray Rice’s deed, and run it in classrooms as part of the Humanities for young boys for a long, long time, maybe they will learn and this will never happen again.

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  • It is disgusting, but you have to remember also, that these are women (i'm sure some with very low self esteem) who see a "gold mine" in the midst. They figure, well, a couple of punches, a new mansion, a little slap across the face, maybe some "i'm sorry" jewelry...........and so on. Like I said before, disgusting...........AND a very bad example for the youth (and sports) of today. NOT acceptable.

    By Anonymous Diana, at 4:34 AM  

  • Some of these guys were abused as kids, as probably were the women who tolerate them. It's a sad cycle but certainly does not excuse their violent behavior.

    By Blogger Jim Pantaleno, at 10:04 AM  

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