Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Many years ago, when my Mom had some work done on her left eye, she was unable for a while to see out of that eye. In those days, she and Dad would frequently visit on a weekend and see the grandchildren and catch up with what we were up to.

When she had the procedure done, it opened up an opportunity for us to clean only half the house. This meant that when she entered, she could only see if we cleaned on her right side. So we decided to clean only the right side and take the rest of the morning off, waiting for her to come. We were cautious enough to back her out of the house so all she saw was the right side. Of course it didn’t work, she could smell dust from a mile away.

Recently, TLW (The Little Woman) is in need of cataract surgery for her left eye. She has a scheduled surgery date and instructions on when and how to appear, bringing this and that. She needs medical insurance proof, identification and someone to drive her to and from the procedure. Also there is the issue of drops for three days prior to the surgery.

One morning TLW stated she would be a little late coming home from work since she had to pick up a medication. I suggested she let me do it and then that way she doesn’t have to take that time. Once I put my foot in my mouth, she then decided to take advantage of my largesse and push the envelope a little further.

“Can you remind me next Monday (Today is Friday) that blah, blah, blah.”

Me: “Monday? Monday! Who’s going to remind me???”

 For me to remind her of anything between now and Monday would require my brain being shrunk, washed and perhaps dressed with cherry tomatoes to remember anything.

Any who…  she will be unable to see from one eye, yes one eye she cannot see what I’m doing. I have to try to keep on her good side, the bad eye side. But that won’t work, I don’t have any plans, and so goes a wasted opportunity! She will walk around looking like a pirate, and at the least a: seeing eyed wife!


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