Thursday, January 05, 2017


It seems that all good plans Of Mice and Men… well, you know the rest.
In 2016, my health insurance changed to United Health Care through my wife's work. As I went along visiting doctors and what not, we got adjusted to the new co-pays and life was fine. Toward the end of the year, I made arrangements with a surgeon to clear my carotid artery. I set up the date for January 12th and the pre-test for today and all seemed right.

Then I got a notice that our health insurance was changing to Aetna! GOOD LORD!

I checked everyone first, told them the news, gave them the new membership number, starting to feel confident. However, there was one place I hadn't told yet, the surgeon, the guy that does the slitting. His job would be a dream come true, the slitting of my throat! Well, he ain't doing it, no, he's not in the new network!

I call membership services at Aetna, and they tell me how everything will be OK and that there is no deductible, GOD IS GOOD! I call the surgeon's office and tell the lady helping me, and she asks if there is any forms being sent, or a case number. Huh?

I call back and find out that since that phone call about 45 minutes ago, things changed! Drastically!

They can't let the surgeon do the operation, he isn't in the network! Furthermore, the hospital is not in the network! How that is even possible is beyond me, it is a large hospital, around for years. Today I try one more time then cancel the pre-testing, the operation and my patience.


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