Wednesday, January 04, 2017


I’m a great believer in God. I try to keep it to myself and not try to convert people to any kind of religion, because all that really has done is fractionalize us from achieving our goal on Earth, being part of His great kingdom. I get very uncomfortable listening to pontification from all forms of religion and beliefs.

Trying to avoid the discussion on this blog about religion and how we should pray has een a goal of mine and I don’t think I ever broke that rule until today.

Recently a very good man was offended that someone questioned his religion and the fact that because of it he wanted others to share his beliefs and post their agreement with him on Facebook, that social media that seems at times bigger than God! Frankly, those kinds of posting seem inappropriate to me, professing one’s beliefs in God for public debate, when indeed your religion, not the church you belong to or the particular sect is the only thing that matters. Here is my response to him and his plea. All I say in my response I feel is true about the man himself.

My Friend,
It is good that you indeed believe in God, as I do. I believe that I need not have to convince anyone that I do, nor do I care to. Religion is a relationship between man and God, one that should be private and no one else’s business. If someone is mocking you for your belief, forgive him or her and move on, God will deal with that better than you or I could. Forgive him and do a good work instead, maybe help a widow or feed someone who is hungry, or maybe visit a prison, I understand there are many children in the world who cry out from the injustice perpetrated against them, try helping there. God will bless you more for those acts of love than to post on Facebook a dare. I for one know you are indeed a good man, God fearing, so don’t care what others think of your beliefs, because no one matters, including myself. God loves you for your faith in Him. That is stronger than sitting in a church or with a Bible study, it is you and God, he will judge not attendance in church but actions. I choose to stay friends with you because your beliefs come across as real and truth, God’s truth. Thanks


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