Friday, January 13, 2017


After the Cardiologist looked at my records for the OK I need from him for surgery, he shook his head in despair. He was being cautious for my sake, yet I hate him. It seems I needed a few tests, one being a ‘Nuclear stress test’ and the other an ‘Echocardiogram’.

As you might know, the nuclear stress test feels like they placed a hydrogen bomb somewhere in your body and it just exploded!

So, we decide to have the test for a final clearance before the operation for the carotid artery operation on my right side. “We’ll have the results Tuesday, call then,” said the technician. This was Friday, but on Saturday I get a call from the cardiologist’s nurse stating I needed to see the doctor on Monday at 8:30 AM! This ruined my whole weekend.

Come Monday I see the doctor and he tells me something had changed since last year I now have a new blockage and will need a Cardio catheterization.  He suggests we do it before the surgery on Thursday, and he will notify the surgeon to see if we can still do the surgery after the procedure that will occur either Tuesday or Wednesday.

The next day the surgeon calls with the news that the operation for the carotid artery will be postponed a week later. And so I go instead for a Cardio catheterization and wonder if providence is telling me not to have the operation at all. With the issues of insurance, pre-surgery testing and what have you, I wonder? I might just outlive this operation from old age, yes, die from other causes before they actually cut my throat.


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