Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Being married to the same woman for over 45 years you begin to develop a love relationship which borders on the need for diplomacy and a good reason to sleep with your eyes opened.

Let's face it, all relationships, if they are healthy, have that arrangement. Diplomacy is to deal with disagreements in a calm and settling way, sleeping with your eyes opened ensures he/she doesn't get all the blankets at night!

Discussion centered one morning while doing my apportioning of pills for the week to save myself from sudden death, of our new health insurer or pill pusher as I like to think of them.
The old pill pushers would renew online and deliver to me my pills from the doctor to me in my mailbox. However, some days my prescriptions would arrive a day late, which would account for the fact that my mailman was driving rather erratically the day before and I was short a few pills! The new pushers need me to go to the pharmacy and get aggravated with pill counts, the time promised and the renewal effort over the phone. Our disagreement centered over how the renewal process occurs, and the deliverance of said pills, a 90-day prescription vs. a 30-day one with two renewals. I hate when she is right!

The trouble is we both have memories like steel traps. Her steel trap is able to release sparks of memory, mine stay within the trap and just bounce around, never released. These phenomena are due to listening to her and not being able to get out any timely retort to counter what she says until of course, it is too late.

So, to all married men, be defiant and sit down! WE ARE TIRED OF STANDING CORRECTED!


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