Sunday, July 02, 2017


It seems to me that with all the outrage at the GOP health care and Obama Care they are trying to stick down my throat while ripping out the heart of all the years of hard work to make my daughter’s life better, we are looking at National Health Care inside out. We need to change the approach and we need Congress and POTUS to step up and do the People’s work.

The big issues facing the ACA or Obama Care stems from the money, there is not enough for people to pay these bills without assistance., and the Medicare/Medicaid dollars will disappear for all Americans at some time or another. The GOP wishes to take it all away from the poor to enhance the rich and the big corporations. This is cruel, heartless and morally criminal. Taking away a safety net for the elderly, the disabled, and the poor such as Medicaid is mean.

But why is it that we are not taking the insurance companies along with the large pharmaceutical companies to task? Is it that they are so powerful that they can persuade those they support in Congress to do their bidding for them? Do they have the power of big political donations to half-ass senators and congressmen who are too fickle and afraid to step forward and collectively say: “DAMNED THIS SEAT IN CONGRESS, THIS IS NOT HELPING MY CONSTITUENTS!”?

Maybe we are all naive in our thinking, but unless we harness these two large influences of health care, we will continue to have issues with National Health Care. The large insurance companies decide what they will pay or cover you for, depending on profitability, and the large Pharmaceuticals will determine arbitrarily how much they will charge us for drugs with obscene profits. They are no uniformity in costs and large gaps between providers of health insurance in what we are paying for. This does not exist anywhere in the world but here in the USA.

Maybe it is time to tie those dogs to a tree and weed them off the fat they have subsisted on for so long? Do we have anyone out there willing to lead the true fight? Is there anyone out there we can find to be independent of large corporations and the lobbyist that promote the propagation of thief from the American people? And the American people, are they willing to fund their future to guarantee their lives and those of their loved ones by supporting a movement.

What we need is a groundswell to notify Congress that if they don’t do their jobs and defend the existence of their constituency, they will not see Washington on taxpayer’s money ever again.



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