Monday, July 03, 2017


I try not to be political on these blogs, since I like to at least laugh and spoof myself. However, these past 6-months have been very hard to deal with. I’m of course talking about the President of the US, Donald Trump. I feel like we have given him a sacred garment and he has peed on it.

I’m referencing, of course, his tweeting and his attitude towards women, does he realize what he is saying? Does he even realize he is the President of the United States? I don’t care about what your politics are, that is important only to you and if you voted for President Trump, I can understand some of your frustration with the past and how he has promised to clean things up in Washington, D.C.

On the eve of our nation’s declaration of independence from Britain, maybe we should reflect on what we are doing to our democracy.

A year ago, people were lining up to select their candidate for the office of President of the United States. These nominations were what we thought we would entrust the constitution to, the safety of our people and culture and our future as a nation. Yet we chose to send candidates that were not honorable, who choose to run for the power of it all instead of the tool it is meant to be, a seat of power entrusted with all I have mentioned safeguarding America.

There has been subterfuge and dishonesty on both sides and disrespect for integrity and the People that they are supposed to lead. What has come out of this selection is one man who promised to clean out the “Swamp” in Washington, and instead has made the swamp larger, smellier and more dangerous than it has ever been.

It is my hope that he will not do any damage to this country, and also he is given a chance to govern with cool heads beside him, for all our sake.

One of the things that have caused this nonsense of tweaks has been the relentless hounding of the press, and coupled with all the POTUS lying, has created an incendiary condition that is slowly igniting.

He was absolutely wrong to respond to any journalist or personality that disrespected him.
On the other hand, it is wrong for a journalist or commentator to say what was said about the man in the highest office in the land. It seems the divisions on Capitol Hill and in our state capitols have been brewing since at least George H. W. Bush, and the disrespect of the office from the days of his son, George W. Bush. The Monica Lewinsky trials and tribulations of President Clinton only point out the disrespect the press shows, but also the occupants of the office.

It gets harder every day reading the newspapers, listening to the TV and radio, and partaking in social media conversations. The discourse has gotten ugly and that seems to grow uglier each day, we need our dignity back along with our national pride!


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