Saturday, July 01, 2017


The other day was a most perfect day weather-wise. It was also a day that TLW (The Little Woman) happened to be home.

Remembering our days when before we were married, we had the freedom to go out for lunch or dinner or a ride, I decided to treat TLW to lunch.

I asked where she would like to go and she picked the Cull House in Sayville, a place where we ate often as an engaged couple. There was the Land's End where we had our reception, there were the Lake House and other favorite restaurants that we frequented. The Cull House is really a shack that serves great seafood and is popular. If there is one knock on it; it is the acoustics.

The place was empty for the most part except for one table and a bunch of young ladies. TLW ordered the Shrimp roll and I ordered the Lobster Bisque and calamari, made perfectly and was delicious. We remarked how nice it all was.

Then Mr. and Mrs. Stupid showed up. A family of a husband and wife, one grandmother and two stinking brats, that yelled and screamed to let the town of Sayville know they were in town. The whining, screaming, and complaining persisted throughout the lunch, annoying of all people, me.

Soon Mr. Stupid try to hold the monsters while Mrs. Stupid tried to get their picture, only aggravating the situation to the point that Mr. and Mrs. Stupid had them running around the restaurant and bar area. These brats were only about 2-years of age and I don't fault the brats, but I do fault Mr. and Mrs. Stupid. These kids should not have been at this kind of restaurant, they should have taken the monsters to McDonald's where they belonged.

Pardon my anger, but you just don't bring children to a restaurant until you can control them.


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