Wednesday, July 26, 2017


There is a common theme out there, I’m getting cranky as I get older. This is the constant refrain I am hearing from The Little Woman (TLW) as I get older, I have the Cranky Old Man Syndrome!

The cure for such an insidious disease is for TLW to point out my crankiness and point out where. Now I like to have a nice quiet and orderly world, one that has no intrusions from the younger generation and their children who ruin my karma.

I go to a restaurant and they play overhead music so loud you can’t hear your dining mate. Those same restaurants have acoustics that is so bad you can’t hear anything but those around you. There is always some moron who makes a spectacle of him/herself by being loud and boisterous. Children are set free to run around, bump into you and whine or maybe even scream, enough so that you wish to choke them.

If I drive on the roads either local or major, there is always an idiot or two that doesn’t pay attention, can’t stay on the road properly, endlessly drifting from one lane to the other, sometimes riding two lanes at the same time. Try to enter a lane with a signal and the moron closes up space so you can’t get in. Does anyone use a turn signal when changing lanes? No, instead they just jump in front of you as you have to jam on your breaks, stupid, inconsiderate people. Total morons.

Why in Hell’s name do people stop for a light three car spaces behind the car in front of them? The light changes to green and the space maker takes his/her time moving, causing you to catch the next light too while they brainlessly wander off.

Go into a supermarket and deal with people in another world. Oblivious to their surroundings, they stroll like they want to take pictures, and need both sides of the aisle to do it, preventing anyone else from getting by. Then they stop, their cart in the middle as they take up the shelf area just standing there staring into the space between their ears. I need something and they are standing there, they don’t move, no, that is their newly conquered territory and they will occupy it just so you have to wait, when all they need to do is move a little so someone can get on with their life without having the petty nuisance of the occupiers petty and pathetic life to deal with.

The news media has totally lost it. Between the President’s tweets and broken promises and the spite and disturbing reporting that is going on, there is no “FAKE” news, because the press is obsessed with trying to impeach Trump instead of reporting any real news. I hate politicians, wanna-be-politicians, and the media equally.

And don’t get me started on cell phones and Facebook.

So, where is my crankiness coming from? Or is it crankiness at all, but hard facts?


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