Sunday, November 12, 2017


It happens every year and every year it gets staler and staler. What am I talking about? Election Day of course. It starts after Labor Day and the campaigning goes on with the same ads on TV and radio. There is no variation of the theme, just continuity to the same tedious boring prattle.

Probably one of the most offensive lines is after the lies have been made, the candidate says in his or her own voice: "I approve this message!" Well now, then this MUST be the truth!

Of course, the most dismal and unfortunate poses are displayed on the tube of the opponent, who was supported by the most unpopular politician, as if step-by-step they were in cahoots at every moment of every day.

Many times, the screen portrays the opposition candidate with thin gray lines running horizontally, toning down any honesty the politician might have had. The opposition is always on a grey background and an ugly color that can be conjured up. But the candidate? He/she is in some sunny green pasture, with happy faces abounding and the family lovingly looking at their hero.

I wish we could arrest all of them and toss them all in jail for the duration of their terms.


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