Sunday, April 22, 2018


I awakened in the Meadowbrook Hospital emergency room, overflowing with people and crying babies, my foot twisted in an unnatural way and the pain so severe that I could only sweat and feel this intense need to kill myself!

Surrounded by a few friends, soon the doctors came in to reset the foot. Holding me down they twisted the foot to the correct angle and I yelled out so loud that I quieted all the screaming babies.

Suddenly I sat in the hall with the foot in a cast up to my hip. The raw pain still fresh in my mind, as my friend Phil had slipped by security and was standing next to me. By now the time was late Friday afternoon or early Friday night, the corridor darkened somewhat. THE ONLY THING I HAD WAS MY GOOD BUDDY PHIL, AND THANK GOD FOR HIM, HE WAS SOMEONE FAMILIAR IN THIS ODD WORLD OF PAIN AND CONFUSION!

They rolled me into this large circular room with beds lined along the wall, patents sitting quietly in their places. I fell asleep soon and about midnight I decided to get out of bed, cast and all and go to the bathroom. Aside from being born more than 22 years ago, this was my first time in a hospital. I had to go to the bathroom and so I swung my broken leg over the bed slowly, and as it descended down off the side, the pain became so severe I immediately pulled it back up.

The next morning I awoke and there in front of me was a candy striper, young and beautiful, cleaning the wound and asking me if there was anything I needed. What I needed was to pee, but I wouldn't tell her that. I ordered some breakfast and while she was gone, Phil comes into the room.

"Phil, I got to go real bad and I can't get this leg off the bed!"

"Why don't you use the bedpan?"

"The what!?"

"The bedpan."

Phil stops talking and searches the side stand for the bedpan.

"Did you ask the nurse for a bedpan?"

"No, it is too embarrassing in front of all these people.

Phil screams out to the center of the room…


I spent most of the morning hiding under the sheets. Being this was my first time in a hospital, I never knew there was such a thing as a bedpan, and now everyone knew I needed one!


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