Friday, August 10, 2018


My daughter Ellen is in the hospital as I last wrote. She is healing slowly and that is fine, as long as she heals. However, to enhance her luck things always go sour for her. She was supposed to go home today but instead, they discovered she has an infectious disease in her stomach that will require medication and more bed rest and so, a longer stay.

This is the worst news for the hospital staff than for my daughter, who hates being in the hospital, is being cantankerous, combative, and if she could talk would be swearing right now, but I’m sure she is thinking it.

She is so angry that she refuses to eat, take meds or allowing the tubes they stick into her arms and body to safely sit there. I guess there is Hell to pay.

She has flung pillows, beaten back nurses and the bigger they are the harder they fall. She takes on a male as well as female nurses in her protest. The doctors come in early in the morning crawling into her room up to her bed to do their jobs! I don’t get within arms reach because I don’t like going to rehab. Yes, I know, she is a sweet little thing, after all, she is my baby.

If the hospital is smart and the powers that be can figure out a way to save their staff, they would be thinking of her early release and then a long vacation for themselves. It takes 5 people to just change her bed with her in it only one does the changing!

A priest came into her room took one look at the staff, the condition of the room and bed, the food on her gown and my shirt and turned around and left, where at a distance he gave us all a blessing-outside of arms reach, my daughter’s.

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