Thursday, August 16, 2018


Promising about 11 years ago when I started this blog that I would try not to be political. I feel that politics should not find a place in my life that allows me to spew off beliefs that some may not agree with and that in them self may have no validity.

Always having supported the President of the United States no matter how much I may have disagreed with him, I feel I can either support or lessen the degree of my disagreement, in other words, hear the other side of the argument.

No one likes to be wrong, and we all are at some point. What makes us so adamant about how we come to conclusions lies in our experiences in life both in childhood and as adults, stemming from the natural progression of growing or maturity.

Today I am surely challenged. Looking at the National news and the decisions being made by the current occupant of the White House, I am saddened, embarrassed, angry and fearful for our future as a nation.

I marvel at how many poor decisions have been made in selecting a cabinet that they have almost all turned over and new members of the cabinet need to be brought in. My breath is taken away from the scandal that seems to emanate from these scoundrels that the President has chosen to run our various agencies and departments. So many bad choices have come from one man.

The shredding of our foreign policies, the destruction of our alliances and the total miscalculation of plans from promises he has made, has left us in a terrible quandary. Just how bad is it going to become?

He has rendered Obama Care to very little based on the idea that it was Obama’s name attached to it. There is something akin to when Hitler attacked Stalingrad because he hated Stalin, rather than heed his generals' advice and not do it. What we have now with what is left of any national health plan is a shadow of a plan, which offers no coverage.

We are losing all our trade allies, traditional military alliances and old partnerships built with former adversaries, turning all of the above mentioned into new rivalries and adversaries.

To make matters even more perilous, there are investigations that are ongoing by a special council that threatens the very core of the leadership in the White House. Just how long will it take the Republican leadership I the Congress to realize their allegiance is to the people of their country, not the President?

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