Friday, March 09, 2007


Just when you think it is safe to go into the water, a shark rears its’ ugly head again.

Tonight, while TLW (The Little Woman) and I were preparing dinner the phone rang. At the same time we said: ”Oh no.” I answered the phone and heard; “Hey Dad, put Mom on the phone.” Sure enough, #2 son was on the other end, as the conversation played out, I heard TLW SAY: ”Your Father will come down.” The conversation went further and the impression was I would not be able to find him in the school parking lot where he was stuck with his car. This meant TLW was to accompany me in finding him.

The interesting thing about the conversation was: ”Put Mom on the phone.” Now I do talk to #2 Son. There are certain things I’m not suppose to know, the: ”Don’t tell Daddy” Syndrome that exist in many a household. Of course as he gets older, #2 Son will say that I never cared, because I know nothing about his life.

Well anyway, I now have to give up my car again. At least another two days while #2 Son runs around, and I’m stuck in the house. This is not what I hoped retirement would be like.

Guess who gets to put gas in the car?

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