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"Japanese folklore says that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes you will be blessed with good health. This lore was resurrected in the plight of a young Japanese girl, Sadako, who was struck with leukemia in her teens as a result of the lingering effects of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Sadako’s struggle and the help of her classmates to tell her story, was published in the popular book, Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, by Eleanor Coerr in 1977." excerpted from:  

Today I have something on my mind that I wish to share with you Dear Reader. It’s about a friend of mine from my high school days and a serious problem she has.

If you look at all your ‘treasures’ all that you own and have, you realize your children are your most prized possession, the recipient of all your love above all. Some children you deal with one way, the others another way, based on their dispositions, ambitions and characters, although you love each the same, you love and give what you think is best for them as they grow into adulthood, and no matter what, that their health be the best possible. You would take on their pain, their sorrow and their failings just to protect each of them. After it is all said and done, your children come first.

About my friend: Her name is Michele and along with her husband Nick years ago were blessed by the birth of a daughter: Nicole. Michele and Nick are not Nicole’s birth parents, but the people God deemed Nicole needed to survive this world with true love. Nicole’s birth mother was unable to care for Nicole and so courageously had to give up that dream and that love to someone else. Fortunately they were the best someone else available, who had waited years for the opportunity since they were unable to conceive a child themselves, for whatever reason. But reason still played out as God made the best choice for Nicole.

Nicole had suffered an anterior spinal stroke or infarct at the third cervical vertebral level of her spinal cord, a few years ago. Somehow, some of the gel-like material from one of Nicole’s inter-vertebral disc’s entered her blood stream and lodged in the delicate network of arteries that brings vital oxygen to that area of the spine, causing a blockage and a eventual stroke!

There is a website I would like to direct you to, it tells you all about it, the history and the not only the sadness, but the goodness too. Please go to it and read, that is all I am asking of you.

As for Nick and Michele, they spend much of their time traveling to Boston and the Massachusetts area and have done so for their beautiful daughter, what any ‘natural’ parents would do. They worry and they advocate and they carry on as if nothing is wrong, which is just a mask of what they feel in their hearts, two good people trying to help their daughter without burdening anyone.


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Nice post. Sad story.