Sunday, February 12, 2017


I must be very valuable! Recently I had an operation and prior to that, I had a procedure. Total, not counting gas and mileage to get to the two events, it costs $100,000.00!

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS! That is an incredible amount to spend on me for

anything. And why was it spent, to save me? Yes, to save me. For what I don’t know. The hospital overnight visit alone cost $47,000.00! The doctor for the operation: $25,000.00! Good, God! How out of control is the medical insurance getting, where is all this money coming from and more importantly, where is it going???

In the overnight stay at the hospital, I got there in the morning about 5:00 AM and had two meals, dinner, and breakfast. $47,000.00! My assumption is the chef is 4-star and the band aids the finest possible material, probably developed by NASA for just this occasion.

I wonder how much of this money has to go to defending malpractice suits against doctors and hospitals. Doctors and nurses deserve to be paid well, but no one should be over compensated, not even me.

Where is all this heading? Will Congress do something about this at any point? We tried the Affordable Care Act and members of Congress seek to disable it, why? Being non-partisan it makes my blood boil. It should be the cornerstone of bringing down these outrageous costs, it should be the lynchpin that stops the awarding of outrages punitive damages for pain and suffering, We are forcing our medical networks to go out of business, and making the doctors close shop! We need to get a grip on this, and soon!


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